Bramley Apples

Aoife AhernOn a beautiful sunny day in October I had the pleasure of visiting David Keane’s Orchard in Cappoquinn Co Waterford. It was such and enjoyable and educational morning and one I was happy to share with 5 month old daughter Alva, although I doubt she will remember it!

David was a wonderful tour guide and I realised how little I knew about the apple growing process here in Ireland. On the day I visited many of the bramley apples that had been picked in September were being packed and delivered to supermarkets. The wonderful smell of the apples brought halloween memories flooding back as I toured through his facility and orchard. It was intriguing to learn how a camera system assesses both size and colour of the apples to determine where the apples are used. Great to know also that there is very little waste with any apples that are not up to scratch going into the juice making process or for cider.

The biggest take home message for me was how little we as Irish people know about the traditional varieties of apple grown in Ireland. Red Windsor, Red Elstar, Jonagored and Red Prince are all traditional varieties here in Ireland. Bramley apples too are traditional to Ireland and perfect for our climate.

The natural fruit found in apples combined with the natural fibre makes them a great energy source of the body. Team them up with a handful of nuts and you have a perfect snack at any time of the day. Of course apples are a source of vitamins and minerals too. In particular, Bramley apples are a source of vitamin C – a vitamin that contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Choosing traditional varieties and locally grown produce is a great step towards living well. With just 1 apple equal to one of your 5 – a- day why not have a Jonagored today!

Bramely Apple recipes