Radishes are small red or red and white skinned turnip-shaped vegetables, which originated in Southern Asia. A member of the Brassica family, it has a very distinctive hot peppery flavour. Their pungency depends not only on the varieties but also on the soil in which they are grown. Freshly harvested radishes have the most pronounced flavour and crisp texture. They are very popular in salads because of this crispness. Apart from the round glove types, there are also long and intermediate types. They may be white-skinned or black-skinned but the flesh is invariably white.Radishes are a good source of Vitamin C and folic acid.

Nutritional Value

Nutrient Raw
Energy kJ 49
Kcal 12
Protein g 0.7
Carbohydrate g 1.9
Fat g 0.2

A good source of…

Nutrient Raw
Vitamin C One TickOne Tick
Folic Acid One Tick

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Preparing and Using

Red radishes should be firm with crisp leaves. The leaves should be green and the skins clear with no bruises or blemishes. Red radishes need only to be washed. They can be finely sliced or eaten whole by themselves or in salads. They can be sliced into a salad with oranges and walnuts, rocket and walnut oil dressing. Alternatively they can be marinated in a vinaigrette before using in a salad.

Sliced radishes add crispness and pungency to a sandwich or filled wrap. Radishes are used a lot as garnishes especially in oriental dishes. Flavours and ingredients that go well with radishes include orange, pine nuts,apples, mangoes, smoked fish, ham,pineapple, banana, yoghurt, soured cream,mimosa dressing, crème fraiche and fromage frais.