Nutritional information


The following table indicates the recommended daily allowances (RDA) for vitamins and minerals.

Nutrient RDA Nutrient RDA
Vitamin A 800μg Vitamin B12 1μg
Vitamin D 5μg Biotin 0.15mg
Vitamin E 10mg Pantothenic acid 6mg
Vitamin C 60mg Calcium 800mg
Thiamin 1.4mg Phosphorus 800mg
Riboflavin 1.6mg Iron 14mg
Niacin 18mg Magnesium 300mg
Vitamin B6 2mg Zinc 15mg
Folic acid 200μg Iodine 150μg

The ratings used in the nutritional sections for each product on the calendar of availability are based on the RDAs indicated in the Table above. Where a 100g serving supplies at least 15% of the RDA for a particular vitamin or mineral it is rated “A good source of”. The rating scales have been assigned as follows:

= at least 15% in a 100g serving

= at least 25% in a 100g serving

= at least 50% in a 100g serving

= 75% or more in a 100g serving

(These ratings are based on the requirements of the Food Labelling directive).


The ratings for fibre are as follows:

= Either 3g per 100g or at least 3g in the reasonable expected daily intake of the food

= Between 3g and 6g per 100 g or in the reasonable expected daily intake of the food

= At least 6g per 100 g or in the reasonable expected daily intake of the food

(These are based on Guidelines issued by The Royal Society of Chemistry (UK) and the British Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food).

The nutrient content of a 100g portion of raw fruit or vegetables (unless otherwise stated) is given.
Practically all fruit and vegetables are low in fat and energy. Please also note;

  • for vegetables, “Cooked” usually means boiled in unsalted water unless otherwise stated
  • fried foods are generally fried in vegetable oil
  • average figures are given where there is more than one variety of product (for example, cabbage)
  • for fruit, cooked usually means stewed in water
  • nutritional content varies according to the age, variety and method of storage of each product – all figures are average values
  • raw vegetables contain very little fat
  • vegetables are not usually a good source of Vitamins D or B12