Vegetable marrow is classified as a summer squash. Most of the edible flesh is water and at best it is rather a bland vegetable with a slightly sweet flavour. These belong to the gourd section of cucumbers along with courgettes. They are the largest vegetables grown in our climate. They are long and cylindrical and may be green or yellow or a mixture of both. Raw marrow is a good source of Vitamin C, but most is destroyed in cooking.
Nutritional Value

Nutrient Raw Cooked
Energy kJ 51 38
Kcal 12 9
Protein g 0.5 0.4
Carbohydrate g 2.2 1.6
Fat g 0.2 0.2

A good source of…

Nutrient Raw Cooked
Vitamin C One Tick

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Preparing and Using

Buy vegetables that have clear, unblemished flesh and avoid any with soft or brown patches. Before use wash the skin. For sautéeing or steaming, or if the skin is tough,peel it away. For braised marrows, cut into chunks and discard the seeds and pith. For stuffing cut into thick slices or cut lengthways and discard the seeds and pith. Blanch marrows that are to be stuffed then wrap in foil to cook. Marrows can be stuffed with meat or vegetable mixtures with rice, lentils, raisins and so on.

To bring out the best in a marrow, place chunks in a heavy-based pan with a little butter, cover and steam in its own juice until tender. Marrows can also be cooked in a parsley sauce or made into soup. Marrow chunks can be baked in the oven and then mixed with garlic and gnocchi and sprinkled with basil. It can be chopped before boiling,fried or stuffed with a meat-based stuffing.